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Program Overview

The TOGETHER program has been designed for schools, colleges and other organisations who wish to develop a strong value added dimension to their academic or corporate training curriculum. SFE Academy will come into your organisation and deliver the training programs to your learners. All of our staff are qualified teachers with experience with working with learners from a wide range of starting points.


SFE Academy is also able to offer fully equipped virtual learning environment to allow your learners to access  their training modules 24/7


The TOGETHER program has been designed to adapt to the needs of your organisation. Importantly, the needs of your learners by incorporating additional accredited workshops and short courses in a cost effective way to enable you meet your training needs and requirements.


Our  programs are explored through FOUR dimensions:

  1. Emotional
  2. Physical
  3. Psychological
  4. Social well-being

The workshops and accredited courses are designed to work hand-in-hand with your organisation . Our team will work with you to design a portfolio of learning for your learners, adding value to your existing provision whilst meeting the new Ofsted inspection framework for training providers relating to mental health, well-being and learner progression.


The together program will provide you with:

Key Goals of the TOGETHER program

With the Together Program we have a range of holistic accredited courses and workshops that provide a whole school community approach that is most meaningful and impactful way to help break down barriers to learning, including those who are most vulnerable. Working from primary through to post sixteen provisions. 

We have teachers who can work with groups or 1:1, however best suits your organisation delivering either accredited courses or workshops.  

Our work is based on our valuing lifelong learning and enabling learners to:

  • Stay safe.
  • Be healthy.
  • Enjoy and achieve.
  • Make a  positive contribution.
  • Achieve economic well-being.

learning pathways

The Award develops confidence at Level One in bite size and less overwhelming assessment. The qualification is delivered in group work activities, role play scenarios and personal booklets to keep.

The OCNLR accredited qualification aims to develop an understanding of lifestyle choices and other factors that relate to, and impact on, health and wellbeing. It provides learners with a greater awareness of the many facets of health and wellbeing whether in a personal, professional or voluntary capacity and may be applied in a variety of contexts such as work, education, leisure, and in the community. 

The course helps learners understand what is meant by a variation of health and well-being programs and aid learners to recognise their own personal responses to new social, environmental and emotional situations, and learn ways of developing and raising awareness to their health and well-being. 

Courses are suitable for secondary schools, post sixteen, women only organisations and parents.


Courses Available: 

Awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing 

Award in Awareness of Health and Wellbeing 

Body Image and the Media 

Developing Assertive Behaviour 

Developing Emotional Resilience 

Developing Healthy Relationships and Respect 

Developing Personal Confidence and Self Awareness 

Stress and Stress Management Techniques 

Understanding the Effects of Sleep on Health 

Understanding Personal and Interpersonal Conflict 

Understanding the Importance of a Balanced Diet and Regular exercise 

The flexibility of  workshops may also be embedded in the educational settings to help improve learner engagement and performance with an agile, continuous learning approach.

All workshops are highly flexible and will ensure that the learner wellbeing workshops are endorsed as a holistic program of activities, to suit the audience needs. All of which are designed in an informal manner in a relaxed atmosphere, delivered by highly qualified teaching staff.

Courses are suitable for secondary schools, 16+ , women only organisations and parents.


  • Confidence and Raising Self Esteem
  • Anger Management
  • Managing Behaviour and Conflict issues
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Mindfulness
  • Effective Communication Skills. 
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Women and empowerment
  • BAME programs

Parents will make contact with like-minded people who seek support, knowledge and experiences. Delivery is based on learning through shared experiences. It is a neutral and supportive forum, where parents can help to share experiences and information in similar situations. In return, most importantly develops greater access to other parents, networks, external agencies and a partnership with the school. 

The value of the Parenting Programs lay in empowering and enabling parents with the right toolkit to be reflective in their own parenting and their child issues or concerns. By developing such programmes this will encourage successful academic, social and emotional skills and experiences. Beneficially to both school, parent and child. 


Parents develop greater resilience, increased dignity and self-respect. 
Empowering parents to make objective decision-making using the toolkit, investigate local and national services appropriate to parents’ needs, problem-solving skills and self-reflection are improved or developed and developed.

Focusing on managing self and building one’s own resilience against changes and challenges. Explore and mediate environmental, emotional, social stress to enhance parent-child attachment. To help increase parental self-esteem and coping strategies. The program also focuses on fostering healthy child development and prevent family breakdown. 


  • Support and reassurance. 
  • Knowledge and positive relationships 
  • Needs met and reduce stress 
  • Information and support, greater communication 
  • Confidence dealing/talking through changes and challenges 
  • Networking with parents and agencies 
  • Help with transition and understanding to changes and challenges 
  • Managing risk and promoting resilience both adult/child 
  • Interaction with other parents of children of similar ages. 
  • Bridge the gap between school and external agencies 

WHO states that (1998): Social support and good social relations make an important contribution to health. Social support helps give people the emotional and practical resources they need. Belonging to a social network of communication and mutual obligation makes people feel cared for, loved, esteemed and valued. This has a powerful protective effect on health. 


Building resilience as a parent and your child 

Positive and confident parenting 

Building positive relationship with my child 

Communicating with my child 

Parenting styles and impact on child 

Changes and challenges 

Mindful parenting and self-care 

We are always working towards empowering young people to access education, employment or training by removing barriers to learning, improve self worth and build on confidence. We can provide 1:1 and group sessions in an informal and holistic approach. We are able to attend schools and provide individualised learning plans or goal setting approaches. These sessions are delivered by qualified youth  workers and mentors.

We able to deliver and support our women only workshops and accredited qualifications to empower groups of women within communities on promoting a positive approach to health and well-being. And help to support self-care and raise self worth and confidence building. 

These programs are delivered by women only in a sensitive environment to meet needs of all learners. 


We are able to deliver one to one or group sessions with young children 

Many of the young children we support have very little opportunity to explore their emotions and how they really feel. Our mentoring sessions provide a neutral and informal environment. They will be able to explore numerous issues from self regulating, defining emotions, developing social and emotional skills through informal yet fun activities. Regardless of what might be going on at home, the time they spend 1:1 or group work. 

Like all children and young people, we will help them to try and find their way in the world, to work out who they are, identify their strenghts and skills and how to feel comfortable in their own skin. We offer a befriending and mentoring service to compliments the needs of the child, school and home.  These sessions are delivered by EYF Practitioners. 


Supporting your learners