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Everyone at SFE Academy are first and foremost qualified teachers. In line with our core values, we maintain the highest teaching and learning standards to maximise your learning experience.


All of our teachers have a range of teaching experiences in all sectors of education and are qualified to at least degree level in teaching, learning and assessment. Therefore, enabling you to succeed.


Wait!….That’s not enough for us….


All of our teachers have been employed in the jobs that you aspire to. From fitness instructors, nutritionists, personal trainers and ACSM certified exercise physiologists.

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Aga Kukielka

 Dedicated fitness professional with a passion for nutrition and weight-training.


•Mac Nutrition Certified Nutritionist
•PT Collective Personal Trainer
•Online Coach
•Massage Therapist
•Teaching Assistant

Helps diverse populations achieve their personal fitness goals, whether that involves body re-composition, strength and conditioning, or overall health and well-being.

Believes that human body is a philosophy of varied training systems and muscular movement, where you must adapt and evolve in live with always changing demands.

•Weight training
•Team sports
•Travelling, Steady, Teach.


Lesroy Markman-Jones

I use my experiences as an IFBB bodybuilder to teach the new generation

After nearly 10 years in the transport industry I decided I needed to pursue a new career in fitness as I felt I had done all I could in transport and felt it was time for me to develop myself further.

Training and exercise has always been a part of my life but now it has become one of my main sources of motivation.


I want to learn more to be better in this area seeking always to improve upon my knowledge and love to pass that on and encourage others to develop there selves through their own passion in health and fitness.


My own passion, has brought me to competing as a bodybuilder, becoming a personal trainer and making a living from doing what I love.

Why not share the opportunities I now have with others. Tutoring is a natural step for me in my own journey. I want your journey to be as unique as you are and SFE-Academy is here so you can develop exactly how you wish to through your passion.


 My Interests

I have an interest in callisthenics. Being able to control the body’s movements with strength and skill is a very impressive ability both gymnasts and street dancers have.

CrossFit is another interesting field of exercise and fitness. Testing fitness in all areas including mental toughness.

Bodybuilding is where I’m most at home. I enjoy the discipline and training, food and lifestyle that goes along with the art form.


My experiences


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