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The teachers were great, the course prepared me for a personal training career.

The teachers were great, the course prepared me for a personal training career.

I was interested in health and fitness


Working full time in an engineering firm and working for five years, in front of a computer I decided to have a change.  I decided I should pursue a career in Personal Training.  Being a keen sportsman my whole life I started going to the gym in an attempt to improve my sports performance. I fell in love with training and making improvements in both the performance and aesthetics of my body. I felt inspired by the instructors. After endless searches on the internet I felt swamped by the numerous fast tracking courses. I was looking for something more specific and was recommended by a friend about SFE Academy.

The course was extremely flexible with all the study and assessments being completed with a blend of classroom, theory, practical and online access. This meant I didn’t have to take time off to go to any training or assessment days which was great. This also really suited me and enabled me to become qualified whilst still keeping up my full-time job.


The tutors were really thorough, knowledgeable and friendly, I really like the lessons in the gym


The online study and classroom environment clearly set out the curriculum and the live webinars with the course tutors were really helpful. The tutors were really thorough, knowledgeable and friendly, offering great support whenever I had any questions. They kept me on track and ensured that I stayed motivated at all times.


I really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone looking for a flexible way of getting their PT qualifications. When I had completed both the Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications I started getting clients at a local gym, who I trained on the side of my job. After building up a decent client base I am now working as I Personal Trainer and loving it.


SFE Academy  teachers are tremendous at what they do and having a teaching background enabled me to scaffold my learning. They showed a genuine interest in my progress. They gave me the tools and confidence to go alone. They also gave me a joy of learning and being back in the classroom. They offered me a platform for me to pursue my dream. I began the course with a good background knowledge of the industry. Most of all, they helped me gain a higher level of understanding of the science behind personal training. I have enrolled onto their advanced personal trainer course so I can continue to develop as a PT.


I would recommend this academy for any potential personal trainers, a good investment.

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