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Darran Brown

Darran Brown

Made in the gym, enhanced by education

Having embarked on a career in the leisure industry whilst still in 6th form education. I followed a pathway that would lead me to delivering fitness programmes in the health suite. I have been fortunate enough to work with some exceptionally talented people in the fitness industry. My thirst to create and develop as an exercise professional began to grow.


How I got started

My teaching career began in 2003, I was part of a team that introduced and developed a range of health and fitness courses. At the time, this was to meet the increasing demand for fitness professionals and was the spearhead of the fitness revolution in this country. However, after 16 years I learned the art of teaching and started to rekindle the idea of developing quality in an industry that has helped shape my life. SFE Academy has allowed me to do this. 


After teaching a range of health and fitness related subjects in Colleges and private training providers.  One thing rang true the exercise and fitness industry, it was that more could done to link the skills being taught with the skills sought by employers. There seemed to be a skills gap in the industry. Furthermore, my goal was to fill that gap and to get people into employment in the industry.


My aims and ambitions

The aim of the Academy if for students to be supported from the moment they start until graduation.  I also believe that this holistic approach to is a powerful way to raise the standard in the fitness industry.

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