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Tiffany Porter

Tiffany Porter

I first met the directors of SFE Academy during my work at the national charity SportsAble. Their enthusiasm for making a difference matched that of my own. Increasing brand awareness through my marketing background made perfect sense given that our ethos and values match my own.

How I got started

Tiffany is a fully qualified SEN Teacher with a variety of experience in schools and other learning providers. As part of her dissertation, during her BA Ed at the University of Reading, she was asked by Deafax to continue her studies into the effects of modern technology on children’s hearing. Later, she embarked on a career in teaching, a highlight of which was working as a Deputy Principal in New Zealand. This is where she became interested in Sport and Psychology, particularly how Maori children and young adults are affected by modern day life.


My Passion for Education

On her return to the UK she decided to pursue her passion for psychology further by attaining her Degree in Psychology. Since undertaking her degree, she has been active in the voluntary sector and volunteered her services at SportsAble, a charity supporting people with a range of physical and sensory disabilities through the powerful medium of sport. During this period she was recruited by SFE-Academy, a supporter and partner of SportsAble. She is particularly looking forward to helping deliver the teaching, disability and well-being courses. She currently works as our Director of Marketing and Public Relations. However, her knowledge of SEN and Psychology are a passion in which she enjoys providing to SFE-Academy by contributing to our ‘IDEAWORKS’ learning technology laboratory. 

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