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Balwant Dhaliwal


I deliver programmes to empower groups within communities on promoting a positive approach to health and well-being. In addition, I am able to develop support on self-care and delivering meaningful programmes, in raising awareness of the value of managing health and well-being as individuals or groups.  I am able to offer design services to business/educational settings that are specific to the needs of a target audience.

My Journey

My background also includes having worked in Well Being and Student Engagement Programmes supporting both pastoral and academia, youth mentoring, primary and secondary education, referrals units and youth centres across the boroughs of Slough, Richmond, Ealing and Hounslow lifelong services. Over the past twenty-three years I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge skills and experience. I have a dynamic and relational approach to delivering my work and enjoy sharing my knowledge of the Women’s Projects, Work place well-being, Youth centred approaches, Mentoring, Work skills and PSHE.

Mentoring the Future

Mentoring the Future

Mentoring the future - Helping individuals achieve their qualifications.

Lesroy Markman-Jones

Lesroy Markman-Jones

I use my experiences as an IFBB bodybuilder to teach the new generation

After nearly 10 years in the transport industry I decided I needed to pursue a new career in fitness as I felt I had done all I could in transport and felt it was time for me to develop myself further.

Training and exercise has always been a part of my life but now it has become one of my main sources of motivation.


I want to learn more to be better in this area seeking always to improve upon my knowledge and love to pass that on and encourage others to develop there selves through their own passion in health and fitness.


My own passion, has brought me to competing as a bodybuilder, becoming a personal trainer and making a living from doing what I love.

Why not share the opportunities I now have with others. Tutoring is a natural step for me in my own journey. I want your journey to be as unique as you are and SFE-Academy is here so you can develop exactly how you wish to through your passion.


 My Interests

I have an interest in callisthenics. Being able to control the body’s movements with strength and skill is a very impressive ability both gymnasts and street dancers have.

CrossFit is another interesting field of exercise and fitness. Testing fitness in all areas including mental toughness.

Bodybuilding is where I’m most at home. I enjoy the discipline and training, food and lifestyle that goes along with the art form.


My experiences


Adam Latrache

Adam Latrache

Learn, Adapt, Innovate, Lead

About me pages can be dull and boring to read so I am going to try and make this about what I have done to get to this point. I am going to try and offer you a window into me and why I was motivated to start a teaching, learning and training business. 


I was taught the science of teaching at Oxford Brookes University on the advanced post graduate teacher training programme in 2012. However, I learned the art of teaching in secondary and further education many years afterwards. I studied sport and exercise science at university and had a calling into the teaching profession.


The cliche of ” wanting to teach the next generation” is totally true in my case. and… I want to do it the correct way.


After teaching a range of health and fitness related subjects in Colleges both as a lecturer and manager. There was one constant that I noticed about part s of our educations system, especially the further education system: It didnt adapt to the needs of students and employers fast enough. 


With our experience in the education sector, we knew instinctively that the sector was ripe for change. We wanted to create a fully integrated learning system that constantly assessed and adapted to your needs and the needs of employers too. This continual process of reflection leads to innovation and more importantly: change. 


Our goal is simple and resonsnates with every student we have taught and every meeting we have had with employers. Students would like support and guidance throughout their course and to gain the skills and qualities sought after by employers. whilst employers wanted their staff to possess up to date skills needed for the job role. 

We aim to support our students, provide them with an outstanding level of education and help them to achieve their goals. 

Nick Price

Nick Price

Seeing my students gain employment in the industry makes me proud


I have been around health and fitness almost all of my life. Whilst playing Rugby and progressing  onto a successful professional career I decided to pursue a career in health and fitness. I am very proud to have earned international caps playing for Wales under 21 Rugby team.


A background in health and fitness

After completing both my applied sport and exercise science and teaching degree’s I entered into mainstream secondary school as a teacher of physical education and biology. However, I was also coaching the new generation of Welsh Rugby internationals too. My skills as a coach attracted the attention of big multinational health clubs and gym’s. I also quickly progressed into personal training alongside my teaching career. In seeking to develop my skills as a personal trainer I achieved the status of ACSM accredited exercise physiologist and personal trainer.


” My goal is to help you achieve your goals”

I have been with SFE Academy since the start. I like the way that no matter your current circumstances, we are able to adapt to you. Students have seen the benefit of having all of the tools to be able to progress in a career in the health and fitness industry from the moment they start. Furthermore,  I use my specialisms in strength and conditioning and weight management to help you achieve your personal goals.

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