SFE Academy Educational Courses

SFE Academy Educational Courses

Choose from a wide range of REPs and CIMSPA accredited YMCA Awards qualifications. Start your new career now!

We ensure that only industry experienced, qualified teachers are the ones that get the privilege teaching and guiding you through your course and into your career. However, the challenging modern lifestyle can be a barrier to career personal development and change.


We have a range of options to enable you to reveal your potential and suit your unique circumstances. Learn online or as a part of our industry recognised flexi- learning options. You will learn at your own pace and at a time that suits you.


Have you ever wondered what to do next? How to land that dream job? Or you may have landed your dream job but found out that what you learned on the course does not prepare you at all for the job? Your’re not alone! This is a common experience and it means that the course has not prepared you well enough for the actual skills you will need. In short, we think there is a mismatch between what is being taught and the skills your employers actually need!

SFE Academy sector leading and novel approach is to connect the dots between the stuff you learn and what employers need.

We make sure that our courses are relevant with the up to date knowledge you need. Furthermore, we help you to get employment experience.

The key to our success is being able to adapt to….you.

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