Personal Training Courses

What does a Personal Trainer Do?

As a Personal trainer, you will have the power to truly transform lives for the better because being a fitness professional is also so much more than watching your clients lift weights or run on a treadmill whilst dishing out instructions!

Personal trainers are responsible for a great many things than this old stereotype. Consequently, you are responsible for transforming someones life.

Our personal training courses and personal trainer programs will teach you how to motivate, guide and also mentor your clients to achieve their health and fitness goals.

You will be passionate about health and fitness but above all you will have desire to help people.

You may also hold a current fitness instructor qualification and are ready to take the next step in your career and personal development. 

personal training courses

What Personal Training Qualifications will I receive?

Our personal training courses are nationally recognised and CIMSPA accredited. Depending on your choice of course, you will receive either a certificate or diploma in personal training. All of our personal training courses are YMCA approved and REPs accredited. 

Our Personal Training Academy

Personal training is hard graft! Part of being a personal trainer is about you and your people skills. You are going to have to work hard to develop and maintain your client base by getting to know them. This is how you will become a personal trainer.

You have great people skills, your all about health and fitness, so what do you do next?

Becoming a level 3 personal trainer is a very rewarding career, you can get into the health and fitness industry and make a name for yourself very quickly. So here’s how you do it…

SFE Academy do not require you to take any precious time away from your other commitments, we have a range of full time, part time and blended learning options for you to choose from at a pace that suits you. After all, SFE Academy was designed with you in mind.

This is how you will help your clients achieve their goals.  Once you build up your reputation as a personal trainer who gets results, you will see your client-base grow. However, you will never forget why you’re there…to help your clients achieve their goals and get results!

Courses to suit your needs

The REPS Level 3 personal trainer course will allow You to get hands on from the start with practical training and you’ll also be developing your knowledge in your theory sessions. Your teacher will be highly experienced in the health and fitness industry while also being qualified teachers. you will be able to study online and face to face at one of our dedicated training centres.  However,  We wont promise quick fixes on our courses but you will graduate with us knowing that you have been taught to the highest industry standards. 

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From £1299
  • Level 3 Qualification
  • 7 Mandatory Units
  • YMCA Awards & CIMSPA Accredited
  • Blended & Online Learning
  • Earn Reps Points
  • Flexi-Timetabling


From £2299
  • Level 3 NVQ Qualification
  • 9 Mandatory Units
  • 1 Optional Unit
  • YMCA Awards & CIMSPA Accredited
  • Blended & Online Learning
  • Earn Reps Points
  • Flexi Timetabling

Combined L2 & L3 Certificate

From £1499
  • Level 2 & Level 3 Qualification
  • 7 Level 3 Personal Training Units
  • 6 Level 2 Fitness Instructor Units (Gym Based)
  • YMCA Awards & CIMSPA Accredited
  • Blended & Online Learning
  • Earn Reps Points
  • Flexi -Timetabling

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