Our Journey

Our Journey began in 2016 when Sport, Fitness & Exercise (SFE) Academy was founded  as a response to the systemic changes within the further education system in the UK. SFE Academy was founded by Adam Latrache and Darran Brown, two experienced and qualified teachers working in Further Education.

Their experiences in further education prompted them to find a better way to ensure students gained valuable skills, knowledge and experience. This is a key factor in enabling students to have a range of skills for successful employment.

Why we are different from the rest: Adapt, Blended learning, VR learning, success designed by you. Learn more about our journey

Our Partnerships

The Academy has formed partnerships with industry leading employers to enable the us to rapidly adapt to the changing needs of the industry.

The health and fitness industry is a £4.7bn sector employing over 188,000 people this comprises a small fraction of the overall leisure industry estimated to be worth £177bn  (7.4%GDP) and growth rate of 5% annually since 2010. The ever changing landscape of the health and fitness sector means that educators also need to move with the times.

In our experience, few further education establishments are seldom able to do. We accomplish this at  SFE Academy by involving our partners in every aspect of your development during the course.

They become part of our journey too. This ensures that we are only teaching you what is relevant and more importantly; The skills that employers in this sector are looking for, maximising your chances of employment with them.


Your Journey

We ensure that only industry experienced, qualified teachers are the ones that get the privilege teaching and guiding you through your course and into your career. However, the challenging modern lifestyle can be a barrier to career personal development and change.

We have a range of options to enable you to reveal your potential. Whether it is online learning, part-time or full-time.

Employment: A Unique Approach

Have you ever wondered what to do next? How to land that dream job? Or you may have landed your dream job but found out that what you learned on the course does not prepare you at all for the job? Your’re not alone! This is a common experience and it means that the course has not prepared you well enough for the actual skills you will need. In short, we think there is a mismatch between what is being taught and the skills your employers actually need!

SFE Academy sector leading and novel approach is to connect the dots between the stuff you learn and what employers need.

We make sure that our courses are relevant with the up to date knowledge you need. Furthermore, we help you to get employment experience.

The key to our success is being able to adapt to….you.