Leadership Structure

Leadership Structure

Opportunity for All


When we say ‘Opportunity for All‘ we mean ‘Opportunity for All’ this core value is borne out of years of experience as qualified teachers & leaders. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to study with a qualified teacher in their health and fitness course and be ready to gain employment as a health and fitness professional.

SFE Academy operates under a guiding set of principals we call T.R.U.S.T. These set of principles  have inspired us from the start of our journey 

Training you to the highest industry standards
Relevant courses that have been designed in collaboration with you and our industry partners.
Unconditional excellence Our qualified teachers strive push the barriers of teaching and learning theory, delivering you a unique learning experience.
Service  A passion to provide you with the very best student experience.
Team orientated  We are working towards one goal; to give you the best teaching and learning experience out there and to find you the job within the health, fitness & leisure industry.


How we Lead and Innovate


We do not just simply react to industry changes, we lead them! Our team operate a health and fitness teaching and learning ‘ideaworks’ where we can all freely experiment with ideas we all may have. We want to drive your success and lead you into employment. Our health and fitness industry partners have joined us at the leading edge of innovation, after all, you could be working for them once you have qualified with us!




A common problem found in health, fitness and leisure education is innovation. Your course should prepare you for your job. However, all too often what you signed up for and what you’re learning doesn’t. Therefore, we have created the ideaworks.  .

Our teachers, leadership team, students and partners are all involved in coming up with ideas and shaping them to make your learning experience better. Therefore, our team is busy at work developing a VR learning experience! Furthermore, this is a direct result of the ideaworks and all of your input.  Awesome!

Darran Brown

Made in the gym, enhanced by education


Having embarked on a career in the leisure industry whilst still in 6th form education. I followed a pathway that would lead me to delivering fitness programmes in the health suite. I have been fortunate enough to work with some exceptionally talented people in the fitness industry. My thirst to create and develop as an exercise professional began to grow.

How I got started


My teaching career began in 2003, I was part of a team that introduced and developed a range of health and fitness courses. At the time, this was to meet the increasing demand for fitness professionals and was the spearhead of the fitness revolution in this country. However, after 16 years I learned the art of teaching and started to rekindle the idea of developing quality in an industry that has helped shape my life. SFE  Academy has allowed me to do this. 


After teaching a range of health and fitness related subjects in Colleges  and private training providers.  One thing rang true the exercise and fitness industry, it was that more could done to link the skills being taught with the skills sought by employers. There seemed to be a skills gap in the industry. Furthermore, my goal was to fill that gap and to get people into employment in the industry.


My aims and ambitions.


The aim of the Academy if for students to be supported from the moment they start until graduation.  I also believe that this holistic approach to is a powerful way to raise the standard in the fitness industry.



Adam Latrache

Learn, Adapt, Innovate, Lead

About me pages can be dull and boring to read so I am going to try and make this about what I have done to get to this point. I am going to try and offer you a window into me and my way of thinking. Here goes…

My Background

I was taught the science of teaching at Oxford Brookes University on the advanced post graduate teacher training programme in 2012. However, I learned the art of teaching in secondary and further education many years afterwards. I studied sport and exercise science at university and had a calling into the teaching profession.


The cliche of ” wanting to teach the next generation” is totally true in my case. and… I want to do it the correct way.


After teaching a range of health and fitness related subjects in Colleges both as a lecturer and manager. One thing rang true in every single ‘institution’ (definitely the most appropriate word). Further education didn’t seem to adapt to the the needs of employers and students that well.


This inability to adapt to what employers wanted led me to try and change the state of play. I did not want to see student after student complete a course who’s qualification was out date at best by the time they left. Therefore, I decided to……. No less, change how health and fitness education is taught in the UK.


And here you are… at Sport, Fitness and Exercise Academy.


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