How does the fitness industry change?


Fitness Industry Licence


The fitness industry now offers a variety of time frames in which to qualify as a personal trainer – questioning the true value of this quick win and turnover process. Are we not in danger of contradicting ourselves? Along with not solving the concern, but purely creating the problem…. What problem I here you say…

A variety of abilities portraying themselves as the next best ‘guru’ who will change your life and way of exercising…  A fire after all is not created with a match, it needs substance – additional material to show its strength and range.

Should our PT’s not be the same? Less online and more face to face material and REAL teaching – designed to enhance the industry reputation not dent it.


Are PT licences a way forward?

Each year hundred’s if not thousand’s of newly qualified PT’s appear in gyms, companies or standalone in the crusade to get a healthier nation.

Sadly for many, this is a fleeting visit for a multitude of reasons; lack of support, financial expectations not met, stability of income and poor business management to name a few.

So, back to my question of licences – to pass a driving test you need to meet a three pronged assessment; theory and practical – simple – pass the theory, including the hazard perception. Then drive for an assessed period before in many cases meeting the desired standard to be granted a licence.


A PT licence could follow suit. Pass your course and then over the next 3 – 6 months have assessments/mentoring designed to help develop and enhance your skills. These can be centred around the key areas mentioned earlier. The aim is to support a PT in their transition and pathway, not stifle innovation or creativity. Given these extended tools for success, the turnover could reduce with the standard of personal trainers and provision may improve to support the growth rate of the industry and therefore the PT demand.