You’re a Qualified Health and Fitness Practitioner… so what now?


CPD courses at SFE Academy


How can I increase my earning potential & client base with professional and personal development courses?

The field of fitness is a rapidly evolving sector. Exercise and fitness professionals need to continually be ahead of the game in order to get results for their clients or customers and to provide up to date advice. It is increasingly common for personal trainers to adapt the needs of the clients and communities they serve. This is how they carve out a niche in their business. Continuing personal development (CPD) courses are a way of adding more strings to your bow.



Popular CPD courses at SFE Academy


Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity

This CPD course is geared towards both current fitness instructors and personal trainers and also for people who just want to know more about nutrition and how it can help their training. You will learn about the principles of nutrition whilst applying them to training programmes. Collecting and analysing nutritional information. You will also learn how to give nutritional advice along nationally recognised guidelines.


Award in Sports Conditioning

This CPD course teachers you how to collect information relating your client and sporting event. Whether your event is a Triathlon, cycling or strength training. You will learn how to analyse and breakdown sporting activities from the perspective of fitness and conditioning. Furthermore, You will learn about different training methods too.




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