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Personal Trainer Courses

Become a Personal Trainer

Fitness Instructor Courses

Become a Fitness Instructor 

Advanced Personal Trainer Courses

Take your Personal Training career to higher levels 

Personal Trainer helping patient in wheelchair in the gym

Disability Exercise

Learn how to design and manage exercise programmes for disabled clients 

Introductory Exercise & Fitness Courses

Learn more about health and fitness

Education & Training Courses

Become a teaching, learning and assessment practitioner

Nutrition Courses

Supercharge your workouts and learn more about nutrition & ergogenic aids

Strength & Conditioning Courses

Learn strength and conditioning theory and practice for your sport

Health & Well being

Learn more about your inner self with our holistic health & well-being short courses.

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Learn more about how we can support your organisation with workshops, continual professional development courses and accredited short courses/

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