Continuing Professional Development

Unlock your potential with learning designed to help you progress and develop

"We learn by doing. Research shows that active learning is much better recalled, enjoyed and understood. Active methods require us to ‘make our own meaning’"
Geoff Petty
Education Researcher

Learning Methods

Learning that involves your participation.  A method of learning that puts you in charge of your own learning. You will learn how to apply your knowledge to everyday tasks that you will use in the work place. All of our teachers are qualified and help you to develop a deeper knowledge whilst applying that knowledge. 

Reflective learning helps revolves around the concept of ‘cycles of inquiry’. Teaching you to be reflective of your actions so that you are able to analyse your strengths and areas for improvement. The result of reflective learning practices id that you would develop the tools to be able to do things differently. 

Our learning technologists have developed a fully interactive virtual learning environment named Student Zone with interactive workshops, resources and assessment methods that provides you with relevant feedback to assess your knowledge. You will able to gauge your progress through the course.  

SFE Academy CPD Short Courses

Key Benefits of CPD

The continued learning and development of staff is important to ensure that an organisation develops a competitive edge in business. The development of highly skilled staff helps your business to retain staff and build upon their skill set. 

CPD Explained

Continued Professional Development (CPD) relates to the ongoing development and enhancement of one’s skills and abilities. Continued professional development should be a process that individuals engage with by taking ownership of their own learning.

CPD can take many forms of learning; training workshops, seminars, accredited courses, online and e-learning and sharing of ideas. 

CPD allows an individual to ‘up skill’ or ‘re-skill’ and ensures that skills are continually updated to meet business needs and to gain a competitive edge. Individuals should engage with a program of CPD throughout your careers o ensure that qualifications and skills are refreshed and updated. 

CPD Categories

Approved Workshops

Short Courses