Learn, Adapt, Innovate, Lead

About me pages can be dull and boring to read so I am going to try and make this about what I have done to get to this point. I am going to try and offer you a window into me and my way of thinking. Here goes…


I was taught the science of teaching at Oxford Brookes University on the advanced post graduate teacher training programme in 2012. However, I learned the art of teaching in secondary and further education many years afterwards. I studied sport and exercise science at university and had a calling into the teaching profession.

The cliche of ” wanting to teach the next generation” is totally true in my case. and… I want to do it the correct way.

After teaching a range of health and fitness related subjects in Colleges both as a lecturer and manager. One thing rang true in every single ‘institution’ (definitely the most appropriate word). Further education didn’t seem to adapt to the the needs of employers and students all that well.

This inability to adapt to what employers wanted led me to try and change the state of play. I did not want to see student after student complete a course who’s qualification was out of date, at best by the time they completed the course! Therefore, I decided to……. No less, change how health and fitness education is taught in the UK.

And here you are… at Sport, Fitness and Exercise Academy.